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Gum arabic has been used for centuries in medicine, food, making wooden tools, etc.
It has a lot of fiber and is used in the treatment of the following cases
Relieving pain and burning – Healing wounds and scratches –
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Gum arabic has been used for centuries in medicine, food, making wooden tools, etc.
It has a lot of fiber and is used in the treatment of the following cases
Relieving pain and burning – Healing wounds and scratches – Improving oral and dental health – Preventing constipation – Rich source of fiber – Reducing the volume of fat mass – Relieving cough and sore throat – Preventing bleeding and helping blood coagulation
Arabic gum is one of the important components of soda syrup.
It is used in candy and of course in chewing gum.
In painting, it is used as a glue in watercolor.
It is also used in the printing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
One of the important components of wax is gum arabic.
The sticky material of postage stamps is also made from this gum.
It is also used as an adhesive for cigarette paper in cigarette making.The first question that arises is what is gum arabic?

Well, it is basically a powder that originates from the acacia tree, or gum arabic, and its name is also derived from this plant, which is native to the African region. It seems that some gum arabic belongs to the polysaccharide group, which is usually a hard fiber in plants. However, research has been done to find out more about the edibility and excellent benefits of gum arabic. The health benefits of using gum arabic are given in the following health section .

1. Gum arabic is a good source of fiber:

Arabic gum has a lot of fiber and is usually used as a supplement to prevent constipation . For those who do not consume as much fiber as they need every day, it is recommended to include gum arabic in their daily diet.

You can take one tablespoon of gum arabic powder, which has about 6 grams of dietary fiber, which is 21 to 29 percent of the recommended amount for women and about 16 to 20 percent for adult men.

You can use gum arabic in different forms such as capsules or powder.

2. Arabic gum to get rid of excess body fat:

Much of the research that has been done on weight loss has mostly focused on diet and exercise and metabolism. A large number of them showed a connection between fiber intake and a decrease in body fat percentage. As the Moist Health section points out, fat loss, indicated by a lower body mass index, is generally considered a factor in health and fitness .

3. Arabic gum to improve women’s health:

A lot of research has been done in this regard and it was found that consuming 30 grams of gum arabic every day for a period of 6 weeks can lead to a decrease in body mass index and weight.

The final result was quite amazing that more than 2% of body fat was reduced and finally they came to the conclusion that the use of Arabic gum also helps women’s health, because excess fat causes many women’s diseases. .

Properties of gum arabic

4. Arabic gum is a great probiotic supplement:

One of the constant foods in our diet is yogurt , which promotes healthy digestion and absorption of more nutrients. Probiotics, along with the good bacteria in food, are the main agents needed to grow in the body.

5. Arabic gum to calm stomach irritation:

The problem with too much fiber is that it can sometimes irritate the stomach and make things unbearable, and there are cases of inflammation and gas production in the stomach caused by fiber.

Good bacteria are produced as a byproduct of fermenting the fiber we consume, and excess gas can cause discomfort and abdominal pain, which gum arabic is best able to combat and soothe.

6. Arabic gum contains good bacteria:

Gum arabic can strengthen the protective function in the body, and as we learned in the previous paragraphs, gum arabic acts as an excellent probiotic and supports the growth of good bacteria, thus producing essential fatty acids and preventing It is an intestinal disease.

As a result, the stimulated intestinal cells become harder and therefore healthier.

7. Arabic gum to help treat and reduce inflammation:

Since ancient times, gum arabic has been used as a traditional medicine to treat sore throats and stomach upsets caused by inflammation, and due to its adhesive properties, it greatly reduces inflammation.

8. Gum Arabic to help heal wounds:

Experiments that have been done on mice have shown that gum arabic is able to heal wounds in laboratory mice, and there are other studies that have been done on different animals that show that gum arabic may be effective in Healing wounds in humans is also useful and helps.

Properties of gum arabic

9. Gum arabic to help maintain oral health:

In ancient times, people in the forests used a kind of gum arabic to clean their teeth. It seems that gum arabic in powder form can be used as one of the main ingredients for herbal toothpaste. They are relatively soft and not too abrasive and can even be included in commercial toothpastes. A study shows that Arabic gum removes more than two-thirds of dental plaques and is a natural and effective solution for maintaining oral and dental health.

10. Arabic gum to treat sore throat :

The anti-inflammatory properties present in the Arabic gum help to reduce the sore throat that causes many discomforts, and also maintain the viscosity in the throat, which in turn prevents the dryness of the throat.

Dry throat can sometimes cause severe throat pain and severe conditions such as swelling and bacterial infections.

11. Arabic gum to protect against excessive increase in blood sugar :

As explained in the previous paragraphs, gum arabic can be used as a traditional medicine to treat wounds . It also has properties that reduce bleeding and high blood pressure and can be a suitable solution to prevent high blood pressure .

12. Gum arabic to help digestion:

Gum arabic is very suitable for easy digestion because it contains a lot of soluble fiber that can facilitate the functioning of the digestive system and make movement easy.

Also, studies show that the fiber in gum arabic can increase bowel movements.

13. Gum Arabic to help relieve constipation:

Constipation is caused by unhealthy, sluggish bowel movement, and as mentioned earlier, since gum arabic is good for promoting digestion, it can reduce constipation by improving bowel movement.

gum arabic

14. Arabic gum to help strengthen the immune system:

The fiber in gum arabic is known as a professional biological, a substance that can increase the growth of good bacteria or natural flora inside the intestine, fight and stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria. , because pathogens may damage the body’s immune system and stop its functioning.

If good bacteria prevent this from happening.

15. Arabic gum to reduce cholesterol level:

The fiber in Arabic gum is effective in reducing cholesterol levels. It has been mentioned many times in the moist health section that soluble fiber lowers cholesterol and therefore is not absorbed through the intestines and then excreted through the urinary system.

16. Gum arabic to help treat sore throat:

Arabic gum is one of the main ingredients in cough syrups and diseases related to the pancreas. It contains molecules that can irritate the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, especially in the throat and mouth.

17. Arabic gum to fight oxidative stress :

Studies show that gum arabic contains antioxidants and can help fight free radicals, which are the main cause of oxidative stress that damages cells and organs and may cause cancer. .

18. Gum Arabic to help lose weight:

Fiber is very popular for weight loss management because it can keep you full for longer and prevent you from overeating. It also reduces fat absorption and is very suitable for weight loss.

The use of gum arabic

19. Arabic gum to improve kidney function:

Gum Arabic is used in medicines for kidney treatment and is commonly found in the diet of people who need dialysis and is also recommended for children with Epi disease.

20. Gum Arabic to help protect the liver:

Fiber has a protective effect and can prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. It is also used in many medicines related to chronic liver diseases; Because it can improve the function of liver cells and help detoxify the body.

21. Gum arabic to help treat diarrhea:

According to a study, it has been shown that gum arabic has the potential to inhibit the growth of bacteria that are associated with diarrhea .

Other health benefits of using gum arabic:

  • Help reduce pain
  • Treatment of inflammation
  • Wound healing
  • Weight Loss
  • Sore throat treatment
  • cough treatment

While gum arabic is practically inedible and you should not consume it completely and directly, however, its very small consumption has no side effects and can be prescribed to anyone.

Today, gum arabic is used in many cases:

  • in gelatin
  • Modified starch
  • desserts
  • Dairy products such as ice cream
  • Sherbet
  • Hard or soft candies
  • ceramic
  • envelope
  • Cosmetic
  • Herbal medicines, tablets and aminations used for the skin.

Properties of gum arabic

Some warnings and tips regarding excessive use of gum arabic:

During pregnancy and breastfeeding:

There are still insufficient studies on the use of gum arabic during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it is best to avoid it as much as possible to be safe.

The sensitivity of people with asthma to Arabic gum:

They may be sensitive to gum arabic.


People with allergies to other plants, such as rye, may also have a similar reaction to gum arabic.

Drug interactions:

Do not take gum arabic with medications such as amoxicillin, as it may interfere with the absorption of amoxicillin in the body. To avoid this drug interaction, take gum arabic at least 4 hours before or after amoxicillin .


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